Volunteer Opportunities!

Thank you for your interest in joining the team!  Whether you want to be a “full time” volunteer or just help out as needed, there is always an opportunity for you to help.  Below are just some of the ways you can make a difference.

Board Members are elected every year at our general meeting.  Executive board members must commit to a two-year term while appointed board members are elected on a yearly basis.  Board member job descriptions and qualifications can be found  in our PPW Bylaws (found in the “forms” section of the website).

Head coaches are elected every year.  Association approval is required for all coaches, returning or not, prior to each season. To be a coach in PPW is a privilege, not a lifetime job, and previous coaching experience does not guarantee a coaching position for the upcoming season.

Assistant coaches, trainers and equipment managers are appointed by the head coach of each team.

Business Managers are a integral part of the coaching staff and hold specific responsibilities.  For more information regarding these duties, please click here: Business Manager Responsibilities

Team Parents are perhaps one of the most important positions of the coaching staff.   For more information about this duty,  please ask your Head Coach.