PHS Field Rules

PHS Field Rules

Entrance to PHS (for pre-game practice and actual game) will ONLY be through visitors gates on the scoreboard side of the field. Home and Visiting team parents, must ONLY park in the main lot (North side of stadium)behind the scoreboard. Do not park anywhere on the south end of the stadium (closest to the school).  The gates leading to the field from this parking lot will be locked.

Note: Earliest Gates will be open is 7:00 AM for 8:00  games.
Please note: Games starting at  3:30 are not permitted on the field until the PHS Band vacates the field at 3:00.  Please do not interfere with their practice!

For 3:30 start times, it is imperative that both teams conduct weigh-ins no later than 3:00  in the area by the baseball fields on the west side of the field.

Visiting teams may warm-up on the back field on the west side of the baseball field.

Only one side of the stadium can be used for all spectators. This is the Non-Press-Box side of the stadium (WEST side).

There will be no cars, trucks allowed within the confines of the track and field itself.

Concessions are allowed only at the North-west side of the field.  Restrooms will also only be open on this side of the stadium.

No one is allowed in the press box except for the announcer and scoreboard operator provided by Poway.

Please note:  Only players, team staff, cheerleaders and board members are allowed on the track and/or field.  This is a joint rule between PUSD and Poway Pop Warner and is in accordance with national rules governing the parent “Zero Tolerance Policy”.

At halftime and pre and post game, no children are permitted on the track or field. This will be strictly enforced.

The Poway Board will operate an information booth on the west side of the field.   A board member can be found here as well as lost and found.In order to fully protect the artificial surface of the playing
field and surrounding track, the following rules will be
strictly enforced:

  1.  Only clear water is allowed on the sidelines, field or track.  No Gatoraid or other liquid is permitted.
  2. Absolutely no sunflower or any other form of seeds are allowed on the field or track.  During halftime and after the game, you may have snacks either on the grass area closest to the school (near the flag pole) or outside the fencing that surrounds the stadium.
  3. Ensure all orange slices, bottles, snacks and wrappers are totally picked up at half time and after EACH game. Do your part to ensure your sideline and the surrounding areas are cleaned up after your game.
  4. No dogs are allowed on PHS property (with the exception of service dogs)
  5. No air horns are permitted in the stadium as they exceed the decibel level permitted by the City of Poway.
  6. No skateboarding or blading on PHS grounds.
  7. No smoking or alcohol on PHS grounds.