Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to help both new and returning Poway Pop Warner families better understand the Poway Pop Warner program, we have published the following “most” frequently asked questions.

Q: What does my child get for the registration fee? Why is football and cheer so expensive?

Each season it costs our organization approximately $122,000, ($350 per child) to participate in football and cheer.  Only a portion of the registration fees we charge each participant cover these expenses.  What monies we raise in our fundraising efforts and from generous donations help us to subsidize the remaining costs. The cost factors within our organization are: 

ADMINISTRATIVE – Bank fees, copy services, office supplies, postage, P.O. Box, tax filing fees, CPA, on-line registration fees

CHEER DIVISION – All needed cheer equipment, uniforms and supplies

COACH DIVISION – 1st Aide & CPR classes, clinics & trainings

CONFERENCE – Conference fees for football & cheer, competition fees, jamboree and playoff fees, game fees, director and officer insurance fees, player and spirit insurance fees, scholastic participation fees,  conference participation patches, third party host fees, etc.

FIELD — USE – All practice and game field costs, lights, medical supplies

FOOTBALL DIVISION – Helmet reconditioning, all needed safety equipment and supplies, uniforms

INSURANCE – Insurance on all league equipment and supplies

MISC. – All other expenses including registration room rental

REFEREE & EMT – Payment to referees and EMT for all home games

SCHOLARSHIPS – Given to participants who are in financial need

TROPHIES – Given to each non-competitive division participant at end of season

PHOTOS – Each participant receives a standard photo package

SPORTS PHYSICAL – A $35.00 value if registered at one of our first 3 advertised registration dates

Poway Pop Warner is happy to say we have not raised our fees in the last 3 years and was even able to lower the fees for Flag and Cheer.  Helping youth participate in PPW is important to us.  PPW offers financial assistance up to 50% of fees and link parents to resources such as Children in Need (http://www.childreninneedsd.org) that offers assistance to families for extracurricular activities.

Q. Does Poway Pop Warner Advertise?

Yes.  Each year before and during registration PPW puts out banners and signs.  We pass out fliers to all schools in the 92064 zip code that allow fliers including those schools that use e-fliers. And we post fliers in willing businesses.  We also put notices in the Chieftain, 92064 magazine and on the Patch. Last year we participated in the Midland Street fair and look forward to participating again. And we encourage word of mouth from current and past families.

Q: How are Head Coaches selected?
A: The following process is used to select Head Coaches:

1. In the latter portion of our season, Coaching surveys are sent out to all parents (as a Constant Contact email). The Board reads all the surveys, including ratings and comments.
2. The current Board reviews all other known factors such as: Parental emails sent directly to the Board, Board-observed incidents/issues, and any Conference emails/phone calls received pertaining to any specific Head Coach.
Please note that NO third-party “hear-say” information/testimony is considered in the Board’s Head Coach Selection process.
3. The Board then reviews how well the coach interacted with the Board and that Head Coach’s support of all Board decisions.
4. Next, the Board reviews any past problems/issues with any Head Coach to determine if those problems/issues have been resolved/improved.
5. Lastly, all Head Coach Applicants are required to interview, all interview results are reviewed and evaluated by the Board.

Note: Keep in mind that while a winning record is nice to have, team records do not play a part in the Head Coach Selection process.

Please note: It is VERY important that all players and cheerleaders (with help from their parents) complete the Coaches Survey when it is received. All ratings and comments should be based on the season and not just one event

Q: What qualifications or certifications are Head Coaches required to have?

A: All Head Coaches, staff and Board Members MUST pass a thorough background check. The Head Coach and one additional staff member MUST be certified in First Aid/CPR. In addition, they must be certified as football or Cheer Head Coaches by both USA Football and ASEP.  Certification is obtained by attending mandatory Palomar Conference coaching clinics and by taking on-line courses. Each Head Coach is responsible for interviewing his or her staff. All Head Coaches, their staff, and Board Members are volunteers in our non-profit organization and receive no financial or any other form of compensation for their valuable and time-consuming service.

Q. What is Poway Pop Warner doing to keep players safe and reduce concussions?

A.  Equipment – Although the industry requirement is every two years, Poway Pop Warner certifies all of our helmets each year.  Training – All Head coaches plus one are required to have a current ASEP certification. Beginning with the 2013 season all coaches in Palomar conference needed to be trained in Heads Up Football, a program via USA Football and endorsed by the NFL. Heads up Football teaches correct tackling technique, a key in reducing concussions. Coaches are also encouraged to attend outside trainings such as the Glazier Clinic. PPW also utilize an EMT on home game days to help recognize and treat injuries.

Q: When does the football and cheer season begin and end?

A: For 2014, practice will begin on or about Aug 1. The first (pre-season) game is generally on the last Saturday of August. Regular season games begin the next week and run for 10 consecutive weeks. Flag seasons end in late October as Flag participants play 8 games. Tackle Football teams and cheer squads that qualify for bowl games, regional championships or cheer competitions may be active through early December if they reach the National Championship level.

Q: Before practice starts, how will I know what’s going on and what I have to do next?

A: The next events that will happen after registration are: 1) “Parent Night” – this meeting will be hosted by the PPW Board. You will learn a lot more about our program and meet your Board of Directors and Head Coaches. 2) “Team Meeting” – After teams are formed, your Head Coach will host a TEAM MEETING for parents and players/cheerleaders. Separate meetings will be held for players and cheerleaders. At this very important meeting, you will officially meet your entire team staff. Your Head Coach will preview his or her team rules, goals, and coaching philosophy, review “WHAT TO EXPECT” in terms of individual and team discipline, the procedure for handling any issues and concerns you may have, and answer any and all questions regarding the upcoming season. This meeting is “MANDATORY” for all parents, players, and cheerleaders. A Board member will also be present to answer any additional questions.

You should check our website, www.ppwfootball.org, or Facebook page regularly for the latest information, especially after the season begins. Poway Pop Warner is also on Twitter for the sharing of information such as website updates and scores during the season.  Also, on our website’s Homepage, please “SIGN-UP” using your best email address to receive regular important updates and Poway Pop Warner newsletters through our “Constant Contact” email program.

Q: How often are games and practices? What is the time commitment per week?

A: Until Labor Day, tackle football and cheer squads will practice five days per week up to a maximum of 2.5 hours per day including break and team business time. Flag football and cheer will practice 1.5 hours / 3 days per week. After Labor Day, tackle and cheer team’s practice 3 days per week while Flag practices 2 days per week. All games are played on Saturdays at various times and locations throughout North County Coastal and inland communities. Home games are played at Poway High.  It is essential that vacations and other events are scheduled around football and cheer. If participants miss more than 7 consecutive days of practice, we are required to drop them from the team to which they have been assigned.

Q: Where are the practices held?

A: Practice locations will all be City fields in Poway or Poway Unified School District, predominately at Twin Peaks/Tierra Bonita and Meadowbrook.  Specific practice times will be provided by your Head Coach just as soon as they have been finalized. Practice times are scheduled between 5:00 & 9:00, depending on your head coach and field availability.  Your Head Coach will also provide this information to all families at his or her TEAM meeting.

Q: How much will my child play in football and what position will he play?

A: Decisions about playing time and positions are made by the coaches of the team, and are the final responsibility of the Head Coach. National Pop Warner rules require (the Minimum Play Rule or MPR) that players who attend all scheduled practices will play at least 8 to 12 plays in a game (most games include 20-60 plays). Coaches will make playing time and position assignment decisions based on hard work, practice attendance, experience, demonstrated skills at assigned positions, game performance and concern for player safety. Keep in mind that all teams at all levels want to win games and no coach wants to put a player in an unfair situation where he has little chance of succeeding or a high chance of injury. First time players should expect less playing time than returning, experienced players until they gain confidence and demonstrate their abilities to their Head Coach. Head Coaches are encouraged to carefully evaluate players on a week to week basis and there are many imps when a first year player, over time will gain more playing time based on improvement shown.

Q. Can my child pick his jersey number?

During registration players are asked to request their top 3 choices.  Numbers are then assigned by registration priority numbers. Priority numbers are assigned during walk in registration and are also used when forming teams.

Q. Why doesn’t Poway Pop Warner sell Spirit Wear or post game day pictures on the web site?

We have found that most teams choose to design their own team specific Spirit Wear.  The same goes for team web sites. Most teams like to set up a web site through Shutterfly or Team Snap where they can post schedules and assignments.  These sites are also password protected to protect your children.

Q. What is Little Scholars and how can we participate?

To participate, players need to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0/70% or a C average, which is verified by the year end report card. If a participants does not have a 2.0/70% GPA to meet the requirements of scholastic fitness a Scholastic Eligibility Form is needed. The National Little Scholars program is a recognition program that is sponsored by Pop Warner. To qualify, A GPA of 96% or above and a completed application is needed.  National Little Scholars are chosen by national and announced April 1.

Q: How can my team raise money for travel or the end of season team party?

A: By collecting TEAM SPONSORSHIPS or by TEAM FUNDRAISING in strict accordance with the Poway Pop Warner Policies & Procedures which can be found by selecting the ADMIN  PAGE of this website. Teams will also have the opportunity to run a concession day at Poway High during home games.  All money earned will be credited to the team.  Further information will be shared at the Mandatory Team Parent Meeting held during the first week of August.

Q: What is the “Player/Cheerleader Still Photo & Video Release” clause I read on one of the required registration forms?

A: You are giving permission to Pop Warner to take and publish images of your son/daughter in local newspapers, team highlight videos, and on our own website for the sole purpose of promoting both local and regional participation in Pop Warner and to recognize outstanding academic and team achievement.

Q: What is the “Dispute Resolution” clause I read on one of the required registration forms?

A: You are agreeing to follow the following procedure should you have any issues, concerns, or problems with any team staff member:

1. Bring the dispute directly to the attention of the Head Coach for resolution (away from participants, and never interrupting practice).
2. If not resolved, you will bring the matter to the attention of Poway Pop Warners football or cheer “Coaches Representative” for resolution. Your Head Coach will provide full contact information.
3. If still not resolved, the coaches’ representative will bring the matter to the full board for final and binding resolution.

Q: If my son or daughter is injured during a practice or game, does Pop Warner insurance pay for any required medical care?

A: Pop Warner medical insurance is secondary to all other family medical insurance. During home games we have an EMT that will provide emergency first aid at no cost.

Q: What is the “REFUND POLICY” in Poway Pop Warner?

A: All requests for refunds must be in writing to the Board. Refunds shall be made (or not made) in strict accordance with the REFUND POLICY as written in the Poway Pop Warner Policies & Procedures which can be found below or  by selecting ADMIN PAGE on this website.  Participation fees will be reviewed and assessed by the PPW board prior to season start based on the association’s operating budget. All registrants, both football and cheer, may apply for a refund of up to 50% of the paid registration fee prior to June 30.  Fifty percent (50%) of the registration fee is non-refundable. A $25.00 processing fee will apply on all refunds. No refunds shall be authorized/issued on or after June 30. **Military families who are unable to maintain participation in PPW at any time due to their obligation(s) to the US Military are entitled to a full refund at any time, if required. A copy of the reassignment orders shall be required to process this type of refund.


We hope that by reviewing the above “Frequently Asked Questions” you have gained a better understanding of one of the greatest programs in San Diego…Poway Pop Warner!



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